Lin Zee

Eye Contact

Spotted by several members of the public as I lifted my lens to shoot, there was no turning back. Suffer the consequences even though there is no law about shooting images in public. Portfolio | Sets | FB

One Step Beyond

Pretty sure his coat was black leather something about the way it looks. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Indian Spices

King Street Newtown. One of the most Bohemian towns of Sydney and probably one with the most eateries and bars! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Ascension II

Uncropped version. PS CC 2014 treated. Amazing quality at ISO 8000 and shutter speed. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Busking the blues

Part of my blue reflecting sunnies series this busker had said sunglasses on. Press 'M' to maximise please :) Portfolio | Sets | FB


Moving to higher ground. Post processing in LR5 only no PS CC 2014 alterations. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Drums Away!

Japan Festival 2014. Wouldn't want to cop a beating from these ladies. But then again... Portfolio | Sets | FB

Proud Japan

Japan Festival 2014. You can see the pride in the faces of these performers pounding out cool beats on their taiko drums and percussion instruments. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Blood Red Hair with Streak

More from the Japan Festival 2014. Opted to blur the background here for more interest producing a bloody streak. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Japan Festival 2014

Attended a Japanese festival to catch folk in costume play outfits specifically. Didn't capture as many as I would have liked to as there were just not many interesting characters on show. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Louis Vuitton

Fashionable or quirky, you decide. I must say she stood out from the crowd just like that knife through her head. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Angel Place Birdcages

excerpt from "Weekend Notes site" Located next to the City Recital Hall in Angel Place, Sydney you'll find the "Forgotten Songs", a public art installation which features a canopy of empty birdcages hanging in the sky. The installation was undertaken as part of the Angel Place laneway upgrade. I was particularly drawn to this installation as I could hear the bird songs from the cages; it represents the sounds of Sydney's lost birds which may have inhabited in this area before the laneway upgrade. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Golder than gold

Slightly longer shutter exposure and increased ISO really flooded this image with light and colour. Shot from the other end of the theatre (ticketing area) and shorter focal length than the previous. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

York St Sydney

Big cities are in fact home to the homeless people... and lens distortion is not so bad in this composition compared to my previous! My Portfolio My Sets Google +


Cornered (and caged)

Conservatorium of Music, Sydney

Lady of the lake (pond actually...)

QVB Spring '12 Paper Flowers Installation

A few floors lower down from where I took the previous photo :) My Portfolio My Sets Google +

QVB Copper dome and stained glass section from the outside


Looking the opposite direction this time My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Playing with exposure metering #2

Sydney Arcade - King St Sydney. See my previous shot. This time metered beyond the skylight above to reveal and expose Centrepoint Tower. Mont Blanc signage is now decidedly 'darker' due to exposure compensation away from it and towards the brighter light source above. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

A litte retail therapy

Shot on the run no composure at all. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Buildings vs Tree


Australia Square building and Calder Structure

Excerpt from Wikipedia Australia Square The building was designed by Harry Seidler & Associates. Today, it remains a landmark building in Sydney and is regarded as iconic to Australian architecture. It has even been described as the most beautiful building in Australia. The outstanding feature of the Square is the Tower Building which from its completion in 1967 until 1976 was the tallest building in Sydney. Calder Structure Unfortunately I cannot find any direct information on this particular structure but here is an excerpt from Wikipedia of the sculptor of this structure. Excerpt from Wikipedia Alexander Calder (July 22, 1898 – November 11, 1976) was an American sculptor best known as the originator of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture the delicately balanced or suspended components of which move in response to motor power or air currents; by contrast, Calder’s stationary sculptures are called stabiles. He also produced numerous wire figures, notably for a vast miniature circus. In June 1969, Calder attended the dedication of his monumental stabile La Grande Vitesse in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This sculpture is notable for being the first public work of art in the United States to be funded with federal monies; acquired with funds granted from the then new National Endowment for the Arts under its “Art for Public Places” program. Calder created a sculpture called WTC Stabile (also known as Bent Propeller), which in 1971 was installed at the entrance of the World Trade Center's North Tower in New York City. When Battery Park City opened, the sculpture was moved to Vesey and Church Streets. The sculpture stood in front of 7 World Trade Center until it was destroyed on September 11, 2001. In 1974 Calder unveiled to the public two sculptures, Flamingo at Federal Plaza and Universe at Sears Tower,[35] in Chicago, Illinois. The exhibition Alexander Calder: A Retrospective Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, opened simultaneously with the unveiling of the sculptures. Originally meant to be constructed in 1979 for the Hart Senate Office Building, Mountains and Clouds was not built until 1985 due to government budget cuts. The massive project, constructed of sheet steel and weighing 35 tons, spans the entire nine-story height of the building's atrium in Washington D.C. Calder designed the maquette in the last year of his life for the U.S. Senate, and designated his assistant Carmen Segretario to construct the massive stabile. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Calders 'Stabile'

The sky is blown out to show more detail of Calders 'Stabile'. Once again I probably metered on some part of the 'stabile' in order to bring out more detail at the sacrifice of the more lighter coloured elements of this image. See description of my previous image for more details. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Outside the SunCorp and NAB buildings - Sydney

Sculpture unknown

If anyone has any background information to structure in this image feel free to let me know so I can update the description and learn more about it. This will be the last of my architectural shots for a little while My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Gatsby Trail - Vivid Bus Zone

Well Jodie Taylor and I were out and about experimenting with shutter exposures again capturing moving light. We must of spent a good 45 minutes at various bus stops trying to get decent light trails from buses but they were far and few between. Here is my effort. A broken, skewed, stuttered trail of light courtesy of a bus that moved and stopped at slow speed spacing them out. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Wall Art - Enmore, Sydney.

This fantastic piece of wall art was spotted by Jodie Taylor as we were cruising the streets of Enmore/Newtown in Sydney. It was a very wet day but we wanted pools of water and reflections but really because real photographers brave the elements. Anyway this is not a black and white converted image as you can see JT standing off to the left with her blue brolly. I think her favourite colour could be blue. You can appreciate the size of this with JT as a reference point. It is not much wider than what you see although I have cropped the right side a little in order to centre the staircase in the frame. The artwork is incredible you just have to see it for yourself (see map reference). The amount of detail and sheer skill draws you to it immediately. I've both vignetted and blur vignetted this to give it more effect. I've also blackened the blacks a little more for a darker feel even though the image already has a gothic art feel to it. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Wet Street

Hooded strangers in passing One in black, other in white Strangers to me To each other I know not... Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Street Tagging

Streets with no house fronts and large wall surfaces are prime targets for graffiti, street art and tagging. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

One Way <-- 669

All the way. Hi key representation to get the sheen of the tagged road to come up. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Reflections of Buddha

Simply wasn't enough puddle to bring reflection to life but here it is. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Where the streets are paved with art

Fresh spray paint cans in the street is evidence of continual evolving street art. A possible candidate for time lapse photography showing how artwork changes from week to week even years... Portfolio | Sets | Google +

No not a street artist, a gym junkie.

In this street there is a gym which seems quite popular as on this morning I must of seen at least 10 to 20 young men either drive or walk down the street to enter the gym. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

THIS is street art...

Virtually no surface is left untouched, untagged, unsafe from this art form. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Portrait of a street artist

I have not manipulated the colour scheme here at all just the brightness, contrast and tone. What you see here is what was shot. What great street artist this person is. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Cement rendered wall and that door frame

Absolutely love the wall texture here and how the sunlight splits the art into light and shade down the middle of the frame. Also love the quirky looking door frame. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Moreton Bay Fig framing the Cemetery Lodge

I came across this wonderful scene of this massive almost medusa like tree framing this quaint old lodge. Must be plenty of spirits and ghosts around here in this old cemetery. I just hope I didn't take any home with me!!! Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Cemetery Lodge 1848

Love the shingle work on this quaint old lodge. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

I'll always 'STOP' for great street Art

This is one sweet piece of art. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Wistful view

Juxtaposition of bars

Fence and handle bars Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Steeped In Convict History

Sydney's early port facilities operated out of the Walsh Bay finger wharves in Dawes Point which have now been converted to residential and commercial blocks. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Foreground Interest and Lines

45 km/h Limit to Sea Cliff Bridge

Where Trolls Troll

The Long and Winding Road

Sea Cliff Bridge - Grand Pacific Drive - Clifton, NSW, Australia Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Pre-Rush Hour

Rush Hour Through Blurry Eyes

The Watcher - Rookwood Cemetry Sculpture Walk

Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB Artist - Sean Williams Dimensions - 4000 x 1100 x 1100 mm - CLICK FOR MORE ---->> Price - $3,000 Legends, folklore and mythology are filled with references to ravens. The representation of this animal can shift from that of the foreteller of death or evil to a guide or escort to the underworld. The raven symbolises wisdom, death, creation and transformation. In Welsh folklore, a crying raven on a church steeple will 'overlook' the next house where death will occur. It is said a raven could smell death and would hover over the area where the next victim dwelt. Ravens were heard to 'laugh' when someone was about to die.

Zombie Walk 2013, Sydney

Such a fun day having permission to shoot whoever I felt like. Just register, put on your armband and you're a part of it no questions asked! Are zombies supposed to smile so big? Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Unsmiling Zombies and bonus spare head

The kid had zombie spirit. The labcoat zombie was maybe more Dexter than zombie. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Zoomed in Zombie

Chew Your Head Off | Where's Your Head At?

Roleplaying for the photographers. She did a great job don't you agree? Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Far From Dead

Punk is alive and kickin' Zombie 2013 style Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Linus and 'Blankey'

Does anyone recall Linus from the Charlie Brown/Snoopy series? Well this kind of reminds me of him except a bit more dangerous looking. You will see in a future post (hopefully) that it is not actually a ' blanket' - stay tuned... Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Linus the hunk gets to take the girl home!

You see Linus is a big softy at heart irrespective of demeanour! Such a hunk! One for Rahul Tripathi. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Let's put a smile on that face!

Yes I saw Batman there too. Unsure if they met up though. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

I saw her standing there

Feather Boa Zombie!

Well this is a first. With feather boa, flowers and lace, most definitely the most ladylike if not the most fashionable of zombies in attendance. I just love the slight tilt of her head as if a zombie royal! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Cheeky Zombie Imp?

She has an appeal all of her own. Her eyes might burn a hole right through your head though... Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Zombie Kissed?

Where was this insane clown's posse when a zombie bit him? Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Anyone for a game of Killzone?

One of my favourite "zombie" outfits at the Sydney Zombie Walk Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Return of the Zombies...

Sweeeet Zombiee

Cute Smiling Sister Zombie :D 2 of 2

Sister Zombie 1 of 2

Holiday Sales are On...

Now the holidays are here, the store sales kick off in earnest. This is not an advertisement for Prada but just an image symbolising retail sales of which fashion plays a big part. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

But please take care while you shop!

Tunnel Vision

art for art's sake, 'l'art pour l'art', kunst für die kunst

Broken Wharf 2

Taken just before sunset. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Broken Wharf 3

Blue hour approaches. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Broken Wharf 4 - Blue Hour

Broken Wharf 5

Last of the day and the stars started to peek through. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB


Sydney Conservatorium of Music

A wider lens would have afforded a more inclusive view of the palm trees. Effective focal length is cropped 2x on the E-M1 sensor. Will post a wider shot tomorrow. Reflected off a highly polished stone plinth, I am unsure of the background to it, only knowing it reflects surprisingly really well! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Blue Conservatorium

See previous image. Taken 30 minutes before sunrise and with a wider 14mm lens (taken at 16mm) I was able to include the tops of the palm trees and more. The reflection, dew covered polished stone and pink sunrise at blue hour were a treat to behold. Made getting up early (3:30am) worthwhile! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Morning Amber, Azure, Fuchsia, Peach Glory

My final sunrise shot of this location. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Conservatorium up close

Frangipani are one of my favourite flowering trees. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

London Transport

Vintage Bus rides on Australia's national birthday holiday. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

On the Buses

My first diptych. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Pre Chinese New Year Celebrations

Lanterns, childrens' rides (panned shot) and a dragons head made from Chinese/asian kitchen utensils! A new year fare had been set up a whole week before the actual new year and so I took some shots obviously! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

A Fortuitous Juxtaposition

Old vs new. Always vintage charm for me. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Blurry Fun

Somebody asked to see the centre image of a triptych I put up a few days ago in its full glory. Well here I oblige. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Red Light Source, Sourced!

HDR composite of 5 frames taken at different exposure times rather than changing exposure values or employing the cameras bracketing function. As a result you can see ghosts and pronounced light trails as the 5 frames were taken seconds apart. Opera Bar bottom left was teeming with nightlife with a jazz band playing at the time. Oh the red light source that made the Opera House glow red came from the Overseas Passenger Terminal where banks of lights shone at high power and were manned by no less than 6 technicians. This is the last of the Bipphy Kath meet up series, hopefully you got something out of it. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Archway - Central Station

more Central Station architecture. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Same Same But Different

Same archway but with human interest and converted. Oh and Happy Valentine's Day to those who follow it. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Busking the Blues

He was playing soulful riffs which drew me to him in the first place. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Busker Stylised

at 1/6 sec I could just about freeze everything apart from his strumming hand and tapping foot. Higher ISO next time! P.S. - I am finding it difficult to register my votes with you all as 500px is not playing along well at the moment. I guess we are all affected and so no advantage/disadvantage really. Swings and roundabouts. But it's not about the votes. It's about seeing great images and interpreting concepts and being able to know what went through the mind and process it took to get to a certain look and feel. And learning. Learning every single day. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Reflective Face Off

Competing for supremacy in the race upwards they face each other off. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Foot of the Marriott

Flanked by surrounding office buildings the Marriott Hotel is a wonderful piece of architecture in almost pure white tiles that makes it a standout in the Sydney skyline. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

QVB Stained Glass

Queen Victoria Building Sydney. I just love stained glass. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Mono and Vignetteless!

BW version no vignetting in sight! Flick between the two!!! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Reflective Stroll in colour and bonus Opera House

Larger crop version of an earlier b&w image. The Sydney Harbour Bridge can be seen in the distance obscured by the bottom corner of the museum building. Just beautifully shaped clouds (2 types?) and lens flare from the sun at almost high noon. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street I !

A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street II !

A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! part deux! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street III !

A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! Something a little more abstract and subdued for effect. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street IV (Wolfram T with thanks)

Welcome to the 'Twilight Zone'. Requested by and with gratitude to a great friend on 500px, Wolfram T, who had the foresight to see this, a black and white version of the previous image I posted last evening. A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! Posting early tonight for tomorrow I go on a dawn shoot to hopefully catch good images of Queen Mary 2 docking in Sydney Harbour. So if I do not respond to your messages and vote on your images tonight it is because I will have retired to bed to be at the site early! Cheers Everyone! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street V - Way Out

A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street VI - Textures

A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! I particularly like the texture of the wall here. The cement rendering really brings out the colour as you can see here with part of the wall in shade and in light it's a perfect canvas for street artists! I previously uploaded this as a black and white version maybe 6 months or so ago. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street VII - One Way, conflicting arrows

A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! Indigenous art form which is quite distinctive to any other form of art elsewhere on the planet. Probably not a commissioned piece due to the disregard given it via the 'for sale' and road signs posted on top of it. But I must say it is a stunning piece of work. Converted to black and white as the colour scheme lacked punch (as distinct from the actual design itself). Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street VIII - Iron Bar Irony

A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! Again wonderful cement render texture perfect for this street art piece I call 'Iron Bar Irony'. The bars of the window trapping those inside while the character is free to escape but is in effect trapped forever on the wall. Ironic. I also like how the reflection on the eye mimics the window and its bars. There's also probably an irony in the fact that the eyes of freedom mimic the window bars of captivity AND that it actually looks up to the window itself. This is the last of my street images in this series. I sigh of relief ripples through 500px lol! Have great week everyone :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Multicoloured Stairs

A pleasure to traverse or even rail ride! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Golden Tread

These stairs/steps were actually lit up in the riser section of the step. I thought it looked rather flash and so I naturally lined it up in the viewfinder and snapped a single shot of it. ISO 4000 was probably overkill but compensated for the low shutter speed. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Pitt St Mall, Sydney.

Pitt St Mall on the weekend attracts many buskers who in turn attract many onlookers. This chap was setting up for the morning and had another partner that played along with him. We had a quiet chat and he was happy for me to take this image. Only thing I regret is leaving his foot out of the shot and not getting a better view of the guitar he was holding. Deliberately made this a high contrast shot from high to low, left to right. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Bokehlicious Balls of Light

From my 'Bokehlicious' FaceBook event September 2013. A bunch of us headed out to practice our colour bokeh skills during one evening. This is NOT easy! The owner of this motor scooter was quite bemused by a bunch of 'togs' milling around it taking shots. He was happy for us to continue while he grabbed a cardigan/sweater/jumper from a storage compartment for his partner. I do like the round mirror mimicking the round bokeh balls of light. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB


On the far side on the right under the bridge was a homeless person with his belongings surrounding him while he laid down. He spotted me and was nervous as he started to move around a bit. I feel this is becoming more and more prevalent especially in the city with beggars on the street. Hard to know if they are genuine or not at times. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Lines & Signs |||⋏↔↰⇦⊖

The city is full of them. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Female Sculptures To Guide the Way

A dying art form I feel. Probably one replaced by 3D printing in years (or days) to come... Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Guardians Protecting Their Path

Buildings loom over the park, one of the oxygen providing gardens in this city never to be built out. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Indigo Sunset

The only saturation applied here is with the yellow tones, the rest is achieved with the basic panel development panel of LR5. No base saturation was applied however. I do not use 3rd party or any additional Adobe presets for any of my work. Taken from Sydney Observatory looking west of course :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Overcast Sydney Sunset

The Sun was trying to stream through these low lying clouds with a small break in them revealing more cloud formations and relatively clearer sky. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 20

If it doesn't rain it pours. Purely coincidental but another publication 'Photography Masterclass Magazine' approached me for the above image as part of a feature on vanishing points which is technique I love to employ whenever I get the chance. This is a purely digital tablet (or smartphone) format magazine that looks to be feature packed with content you would expect from a quality photography publication at the newsstands or on the web compatible with iOS or Android device and I assume others. As in my last post I am totally unaffiliated with this organisation and just posting my success here for all to see. The links I provide are not for advertising purposes but for all to view and make their own judgement call on the quality of the content they see. I am not receiving any commission from what I post here so hopefully trigger happy flaggers understand that I am not blatantly promoting a product that I am associated with - which I am definitely not. And now back to the drought :) PMM on Facebook PMM on Twitter PMM on Google+ PMM on Flickr Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Black Hole in One

There's nothing more satisfying than walking across a well manicured green. Just watch out for bunkers. The shadowed out bunker caught my eye against the lush green green on this occasion and so I just had to take advantage of the light! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Bedford St

Enjoy. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

The Eyes Have It

Bedford St in colour, tilt-shifted, vignetted, Split Toning, HLS adjustments. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB


Magical colours outside in my yard some time ago. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

A Day In The Life

Anzac Bridge pylon framed between upper and lower decks of a combined cycle/walkway. Amazing architecture in the city wherever you go. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Pedestrians Beware!

Shared pathways can be fraught with danger! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Rail Information 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Platforms 2 to 9 at Central Station, Sydney - one for Ash. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Platform 3 - Central Station

Strong sepia tone via split toning in LR5 no preset used. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

End of Platform 3

Mono conversion, split toning and vignette applied - no presets used. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Looking Back

Mono conversion and split toning the highlights no vignetting. Lowered opacity a fraction to give it the misty look. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

I'm Just a Walking the Dog

Baby, back Dressed in black Silver buttons all down her back High hose, tippy toes She broke the needle and she can sew Walking the dog I'm just a walking the dog If you don't know how to do it I'll show you how to walk the dog B&W conversion, split toning, camera calibration RGB adjustments all in LR5 and opacity reduction in PS. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Discove' Museum

The 'Pony' restaurant - not a bad place to eat. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

La Ballarina

A copy of a famous statue by the Venetian sculptor Antonio Canova, La Ballarina arrived from Italy in 1883, when the gardens were home to as many sculptures as trees in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. Her head, hand and foot were replaced a few years ago and you can see the difference in colour shade of these new pieces. Using matrix metering, I found the sculpture had lost detail due to the highlights being blown out. So I dropped the EV value to -0.3 which really brought out the folds in her dress and her facial features. This made the rest of the image darker but I fixed that in PP. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Darling Harbour

Taken at sunrise, the cloudy morning afforded a longer exposure time together with the big stopper, allowed an almost mirror like water surface, ripples from passing boats and rowers melted down into one flat surface. Less cloud would have afforded a more dramatic sunrise colour in the sky as it was rising very close to the main tower - Centrepoint Tower. Roger Harrison if you read this I have worked out timings for big stopper usage that I can share with you :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Illuminating Stroll

3 frame composite combined by the use of luminosity masks. I could never get the exposure right in a single frame as it was nigh impossible having the buildings, sky and shaded trees play nicely together in seeing what the human eye can see in distinguishing exposure and luminance levels across all 3 areas. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

A Modern City

A 50s big stopper exposure to give the appearance of movement in the clouds and a smooth water surface while the lady sat still for this whole time. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Government House of NSW

A 2 image blend of sky and building exposures. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

1 Phillip Street

Could not resist taking a quick exposure of this curved building front. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Quay Grand

Constantly reviewing and critiquing my own work, here is another 3 exposure (2.0 EV brackets) blend using a different technique than my luminosity masks effort some images back. It's more of a brushing technique than one of filling in luminosity selections. Taken from the expressway next to the Quay Grand Hotel, it sits between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and therefore has unique position and definitely 'grand' views of both of them. However it was considered an eye-sore when first built as it blocked out the view of Botanic Gardens from the quay. Still considered to be an eye-sore, it nevertheless is now part of the quay and attracts many tourists to its many shops and eateries. Anyhow this image has a different look and it's a bit more dynamic. Now I feel like bracketing everything I shoot! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Sunset Express-way

A composite of multiple exposures (20+), for light trails, building lights and 1 for the moon. If only I had clouds or a cloud layer that I could incorporate here. Portfolio | Sets | FB

No Dangerous Goods Just Bokeh

Fine Art focus illusion of this freeway sign to produce apparent bokeh. No city night shot is complete without bokeh! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Colour My World

A bit of fun with PS layers. This street artist has an amazing talent not only of colour but of detail and of recall. Taken 20 metres above street level. Portfolio | Sets | FB

5km to the City

Looking to the city you can see a number of bays home to the wealthy in Sydney's eastern suburbs. This is a composite with just the sun dipping behind the buildings for effect. This is an ND free image! :D Portfolio | Sets | FB

QVB Xmas Lights Walk

Xmas is on its way. Often-shot clock in the QVB building with the addition of fairy lights this time. One day I will just stand there and take 20 or so frames so that I can blow all the people out of the way in the final image blend :) Portfolio | Sets | FB

Baubles and Bokeh - Strand Arcade

12 days of Xmas are getting closer! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Almost Here

Counting down to happy holidays time for me at least and hopefully for many of you out there. Portfolio | Sets | FB

More Baubles and Bokeh :)

I hope you've all been good for Santa to arrive this year :) Portfolio | Sets | FB

The colours of Christmas

Taken sitting under a Christmas tree in the Strand Arcade Sydney. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Things are looking UP this Christmas

Martin Place Plaza Christmas tree, Sydney Portfolio | Sets | FB

Blessings to you All this Christmas

St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney. Sitting 100m or so from the front, the atmosphere with the clouded sky added to the light show and the carols that were sung a few nights ago. Have a great Xmas and New Year everyone :) Portfolio | Sets | FB

House Rent/Beer

A short series of street images featuring subjects wearing blue reflecting sunglasses, something I've noticed a lot lately. Must be the latest trend or I've totally missed it... The busker had an interesting persona made even more interesting by this lady bending over to donate coins for his efforts. She wisely dropped them into the house rent bucket. The other bucket is obscured and simply titled beer. Drinking your rent money is not the way to keep a roof over your head. I like the gentlemen who looks like he is doing a double take before he puts his glasses on probably surprised anyone would donate to this busker, or what the woman was doing... The busker's voice and song choice was quite acceptable. This is a public photo taken in a public place. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Baby Blues

2nd in the series of blue sunglasses this image is cropped to less than half of a 4/3rds frame, another blue reflecting set of sunglasses spotted 20 metres away. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Charlies Angels

Not blue but green sunnies this time still very cool and different. Spotted this trio some 50 metres away and it looks as though the lead girl is going to rip my DSLR out of my hands while the girl in white is totally shocked. In fact these ladies had no idea I snapped them and they actually turned to the left and went their merry way. Pity as I would have just kept snapping away if they didn't (and suffered the consequences)... Portfolio | Sets | FB

The Rocks

This tourist and others in the frame are well equipped with sunglasses and caps on such a bright sunny day! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Not Quite Blue

This lady is walking up to a street performer to give some coins whilst a crowd of people sitting at a table watch the proceedings. Whilst not blue, her glasses and whole street situation were definitely worthy of this series Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Paris Hilton lookalike?

Even with distinctive blue mirror glasses this lady appeared out of nowhere as I furiously tried to get her in the right frame in amongst the crowd of people zig zagging in and out of view. At the time I was focusing on just getting the shot but after viewing the frames after getting home I felt she had a resemblance to Paris Hilton.You decide for yourself :) Portfolio | Sets | FB

Paris in Sydney with mum...

Last of my 'blue' sunglasses series for now. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Pretty Zombie

2014 Sydney Zombie Walk. This lovely lady was having 'blood' sprayed on her in preparation for the Zombie Walk through the city. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Colourful Pretty Zombie

In full glorious 'technicolor'. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Couple

A great looking couple, the lady was wheelchair bound which didn't stop her from getting dressed up and coming out for some fun. Her pretty bow was hot pink with purply hair of course. I just love the sneer in her I assume partner's face. Very Billy Idol like. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Triple Treat

Just love their expressions. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Princess

This is dedicated to Leila Raymond. There's no blood but this beauty reminds me of Leila's various dolls. This was taken at the height of a lightning storm right at the beginning of the Zombie Walk and everything went into chaos. Everyone cheered each time thunder clapped through the assembly however. We were all drenched and probably half of the crowd decided to leave. I stayed and got this shot along with some others. The dark conditions brought on by the storm really makes this image. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Shy Zombie

Normally extroverted this zombie looked down with a smile as I raised my DSLR. Quite some blood around the open wound around her neck and cleavage. Probably one of the more scantiliy clad female zombies on display as most wore very ornate outfits that involved layers of clothing. The day got to something like 30 degrees celcius and so a big up to those in full length costumes. The storm just at the start of the walk was received very well indeed as a result. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Pure Zombie Terror

The march had started through the city streets. I was running ahead of the pack so I could take photos of as many interesting characters as I could. This guy came out of nowhere and got right in my face. My instinct was to just .... shoot! I was on full manual mode and I couldn't react quick enough to increase the shutter speed and this is probably the only decent shot I got of him. I do like his teeth very much don't you? Pure Zombie Terror. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Attack - the photographers last photo...

The march was in full swing right after the rain. It was time for the zombies to let down their hair, show off their costumes, stop traffic and have all of Sydney watch in awe or run in panic. It was also an opportunity to get revenge on a photographer who only moments ago was poking a camera in their faces in the marshalling area. This photo might be the very last one this photographer ever took.... Portfolio | Sets | FB

Homing In - Bwains!

This zombie is seen in the previous frame who looks to have spotted me from some distance away and obviously going in for the kill - certainly not for my looks and possibly not for my bwains either as someone noted earlier! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Cheerleader Zombies

These 2 appear to be in cheerleader outfits - pom pom less. I am given the evil zombie eye by one and the other is in true zombie zone mode... Portfolio | Sets | FB

6km as the crow flies

I previously put up an image some time ago saying it was 5km to the city well I measured it out on Google Maps and got just over 6km as the result. In any case this was a beautiful sunset at the start of blue hour and with the building lights just turning on inside with a bonus cruise ship just leaving Sydney. There are 7 bays between this spot and the city. Rose Bay, Double Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Woolloomooloo Bay, Farm Cove and Sydney Cove. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Conservatorium of Music (on the left)

One of my first true panoramic images using a Novoflex 'pano-head' stitched together from 6 separate exposures using PTGui. Because I shot these with a D800 the resultant TIFF file is something 2.8Gb in size meaning I could only compress this down to 10Mb. The file sizes I upload here and a lot smaller than this. I just need to come back here at sunrise. For that I would need to jump the gates as the Gardens do not open before 7am... :( Portfolio | Sets | FB

Light Speed Vivid

Was out to catch light trails with the Vivid lights on the buildings and was fortuitous enough to have a bus run down the Cahill Expressway. I have not corrected for lens distortion here as would lose some detail. 8s for trails and f/13 for starburst effect of the street lamp :) Portfolio | Sets | FB

True Blue Darling

A true water reflection (not photoshopped) of Darling Harbout at dawn blue hour. This harbour is very sheltered and quite still without a breeze very early in the morning. Portfolio | Sets | FB

14mm Single Frame

14mm single frame (cropped slightly) shot at precisely the same position I composed the panorama of my previous image for comparison purposes. The distortion is still apparent at 14mm even when utilising lens correction for the 14-24mm lens in Lightroom. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Black Gold

Another true reflection this time at dawn pre-blue hour and with a 14mm 2x1 frame panorama. Portfolio | Sets | FB

A Night at the QVB

10pm closing time. I was ushered to the ground floor for being upstairs when security came around. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Seasons Greetings

A word of thanks to everyone and particularly my followers who've stuck with me this year as I know a lot of us have come and gone from 500px. All I want to say is have a great end to end of year festivities and an even better 2016. Radial filter used on the top most part of the tree in an effort to pull down the highlights as it was extremely overexposed in case anyone has spotted it and thought it looked strange. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Strand Arcade Encore

Couldn't resist another entry here. This time from the top floor and fisheye was not used. Again radial filter was used just on the star itself to enhance colour, saturation etc. Enjoy. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Merry Christmas 'From' Sydney

All the very best to one and all this festive season and into the new year. See you all in 2016! Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Happy Zombie

Are safer ones... Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Drummer Girl

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Dragon Height

Impressive move by the dragon dancers. In fact at one point all 3 dragons stood up like this in tandem Portfolio | Galleries | FB


Each other. Portfolio | Galleries | FB


Pedestrians waiting to cross. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Interesting Shi'r't

Totally engrossed in her screen I could have snapped away at her all day without being noticed. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

3 S t e p s O n

2 metres further on from the last image in mono Portfolio | Galleries | FB

S t e a d y A s H e G o e s

M i d - S t r i d e

Very fashionable young lady dressed for the warm weather and just look at her neck jewelry! Portfolio | Galleries | FB

P a t r i o t

A man that plays and sings Australian written songs Portfolio | Galleries | FB

C o m e . T o . P a p a

This beautiful young lady spotted me as she came out of a store and decided to do what any hot blooded young lady would do. Make a bee line for that hunched over photographer and give him the stare down. I think her mother held her back from giving me a piece of her mind though haha. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

M o t h e r . I n . T o w

S u p e r . M a r v i n

The morning after Sydney's LGBT Mardi Gras I spotted a cool dude wearing a Marvin the Martian tshirt and a gay pride rainbow flag Portfolio | Galleries | FB

B A M - E y e . C o n t a c t

Times like these you scramble to think of what to say if your subject stopped to object. In this case it was too easy. Super colourful with a Marvin the Martian t-shirt. Why else would he dress this way? Portfolio | Galleries | FB

I n . P a s s i n g

S e c u r i t y

Security! She came so fast onto the scene I had no time to compose this properly and hence her feet were cut off. I actually got one foot but cutting below the knee and above the ankle is acceptable when shooting models apparently. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

S k i t t i s h

She wasn't comfortable being shot by me or confronted by security. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

L a d y . F r a m e

In reference to women's bicycle frame construction Portfolio | Galleries | FB

C o m m u t e r s

S t r e e t J o u r n a l i s m

Unsure if these folk were travelers or living off the street. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

M o b i l i s e . G l o b a l i s e

C o a s t i n g

T i l t / S h i f t

C h a r l i e . C h a n . i n s i d e

Is that Charlie at the window? Portfolio | Galleries | FB

W a l k . T h i s . W a y

H i b i s c u s . G i r l

There are so many opportunities that I miss because my courage leaves me at key moments. This time I did not pass it up. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

V e s p a . G i r l

S h e ' s . W a i t i n g

R a i n . R a i n . G o . A w a y

B e a u t y . a t . 1 0 . P a c e s

Overcast lighting conditions were ideal for this image. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

D o d g e . B a t m o b i l e

Pity it wasn't sitting on its own. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

P l y m o u t h . C u d a

N e w t o w n

Spot metered on the subject resulting in blown out backlights Portfolio | Galleries | FB

N e w t o w n

Enjoy the colour version which I like just as much as the mono one. Love that DOF plane at her feet. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

S t y l e | C a r r é

C a r e r

N i s m o . G o d z i l l a

S h o o t . M e

Z 0 0 0

A t e . T . M

N O . G A P . O 'N' . C O O L

Well guess what there was a gap... Portfolio | Galleries | FB

D o g g y . D o o

T h e . B e a T l e s

W h i t e . K n i g h t

F o r d . G r a n . T o r i n o

T h e . C l i m b


P A C E . I I

L e f t . t h e n . R i g h t . 2 B Y 2

B u s . S h e l t e r

G i r l s . O n . T h e . A v e n u e

These are nice girls but the title is from a song by Australian singer Richard Clapton Portfolio | Galleries | FB

G . O . T . A. P a r t . D e u x

Love these ladies god bless their souls Portfolio | Galleries | FB

P o s t h a s t e

bit of light and shade here.Portfolio | Galleries | FB

H e l l o . ' L a d i e s '

Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras morning after... Portfolio | Galleries | FB

P e d e s t r i a n s


O M G . W T F . T R U T H

E n g r o s s e d

I s o l a t e d

T E N S E . M O M E N T

A i r . B o y

G r e e k . B e a u t y

G r e e k . P r i d e

Picture taking of each others outfits Portfolio | Galleries | FB

H i s . W o r s h i p

C o n t e n t e d . P r i e s t

C l o s e . t o . G O D

R o s e . T a t t o o

A break in the parade proceedings for Jeff who thinks I'm a chick magnet but I actually had to double back for this shot! A great follow up to Close to GOD don't you think? Portfolio | Galleries | FB

M u l l . o f . K i n t y r e

A Scottish pipe band played at the Greek festival which struck me as being quite odd. The title is from a song I always equate to bagpipe bands. I love the autumn leaf stuck in one of the band members shoe. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

D R U M M E R . G I R L

Y o u n g . G r e e k . P r i d e

Came upon a Greek Religious Festival and these fine young people represented their family, ethnicity and country well. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

G r e e k . B e a u t y


M a r a t h o n . M a n

'But is it safe?' From the movie Marathon Man Portfolio | Galleries | FB


M o v i n g . T a r g e t

She was coming at me too fast for the auto focus 3D tracking function of my DSLR and hence her face is out of focus. Love her cool glasses though! Portfolio | Galleries | FB


Probably the only recognisable thing in this image Portfolio | Galleries | FB

T h u n d e r . T h i g h s

T u n n e l . V i s i o n

Dedicated to Jeff because he thinks Aussie girls are the best. Any/all debates should be taken up with him ;-p Portfolio | Galleries | FB

L o v e r s

M i s s . A D I D A S

F r o w n

H o l d . O n

S c h o l l . G r e e t i n g s

Dedicated to Muhammad Ali the Greatest Of Them All, Greatest Of All Time #GOAT "Don't count the days, make every day count" Portfolio | Galleries | FB


C i r c u m s p e c t

M e n . i n . B l a c k

S w i s h

M i r r o r . M i r r o r . o n . t h e . F l o o r

P a r a l l e l i s m

H e l l o . M o t o

I love Vespas Portfolio | Galleries | FB

F u n . R u n

S l i c e . o f . L i f e

C e n t r a l

M o d e n a . 3 6 0

M e r c

This time 50mm. Portfolio | Galleries | FB


L o o k . A t . M e

B a c k p a c k e r s

Fire alarm brought a large group of backpackers out into the street while firemen cleared the situation Portfolio | Galleries | FB

F i s h . M a r k e t s

F i s h . M a r k e t s Portfolio | Galleries | FB

D o w n c a s t

C h e c k e r e d . P a s t

Checkered Past Portfolio | Galleries | FB

R i n g s

F i s h . M a r k e t s

Same day different POV Portfolio | Galleries | FB


H a z y . D a z e

H a z y . H a r b o u r

Probably walked something like 5 kms on this day capturing loads of hazy atmospheric images courtesy of back burning by local fire authorities. The RAW file shows a blown out sky and so I have employed some techniques to bring it back again whilst not blackening the low lights too much. Happy Sunday and impending new week folks. Portfolio | Galleries | FB