Lin Zee

Pretty Zombie

2014 Sydney Zombie Walk. This lovely lady was having 'blood' sprayed on her in preparation for the Zombie Walk through the city. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Colourful Pretty Zombie

In full glorious 'technicolor'. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Couple

A great looking couple, the lady was wheelchair bound which didn't stop her from getting dressed up and coming out for some fun. Her pretty bow was hot pink with purply hair of course. I just love the sneer in her I assume partner's face. Very Billy Idol like. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Triple Treat

Just love their expressions. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Princess

This is dedicated to Leila Raymond. There's no blood but this beauty reminds me of Leila's various dolls. This was taken at the height of a lightning storm right at the beginning of the Zombie Walk and everything went into chaos. Everyone cheered each time thunder clapped through the assembly however. We were all drenched and probably half of the crowd decided to leave. I stayed and got this shot along with some others. The dark conditions brought on by the storm really makes this image. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Shy Zombie

Normally extroverted this zombie looked down with a smile as I raised my DSLR. Quite some blood around the open wound around her neck and cleavage. Probably one of the more scantiliy clad female zombies on display as most wore very ornate outfits that involved layers of clothing. The day got to something like 30 degrees celcius and so a big up to those in full length costumes. The storm just at the start of the walk was received very well indeed as a result. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Pure Zombie Terror

The march had started through the city streets. I was running ahead of the pack so I could take photos of as many interesting characters as I could. This guy came out of nowhere and got right in my face. My instinct was to just .... shoot! I was on full manual mode and I couldn't react quick enough to increase the shutter speed and this is probably the only decent shot I got of him. I do like his teeth very much don't you? Pure Zombie Terror. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Attack - the photographers last photo...

The march was in full swing right after the rain. It was time for the zombies to let down their hair, show off their costumes, stop traffic and have all of Sydney watch in awe or run in panic. It was also an opportunity to get revenge on a photographer who only moments ago was poking a camera in their faces in the marshalling area. This photo might be the very last one this photographer ever took.... Portfolio | Sets | FB

Homing In - Bwains!

This zombie is seen in the previous frame who looks to have spotted me from some distance away and obviously going in for the kill - certainly not for my looks and possibly not for my bwains either as someone noted earlier! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Cheerleader Zombies

These 2 appear to be in cheerleader outfits - pom pom less. I am given the evil zombie eye by one and the other is in true zombie zone mode... Portfolio | Sets | FB

Louis Vuitton

Fashionable or quirky, you decide. I must say she stood out from the crowd just like that knife through her head. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Walk 2013, Sydney

Such a fun day having permission to shoot whoever I felt like. Just register, put on your armband and you're a part of it no questions asked! Are zombies supposed to smile so big? Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Unsmiling Zombies and bonus spare head

The kid had zombie spirit. The labcoat zombie was maybe more Dexter than zombie. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Zoomed in Zombie

Chew Your Head Off | Where's Your Head At?

Roleplaying for the photographers. She did a great job don't you agree? Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Far From Dead

Punk is alive and kickin' Zombie 2013 style Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Linus and 'Blankey'

Does anyone recall Linus from the Charlie Brown/Snoopy series? Well this kind of reminds me of him except a bit more dangerous looking. You will see in a future post (hopefully) that it is not actually a ' blanket' - stay tuned... Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Linus the hunk gets to take the girl home!

You see Linus is a big softy at heart irrespective of demeanour! Such a hunk! One for Rahul Tripathi. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Let's put a smile on that face!

Yes I saw Batman there too. Unsure if they met up though. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

I saw her standing there

Feather Boa Zombie!

Well this is a first. With feather boa, flowers and lace, most definitely the most ladylike if not the most fashionable of zombies in attendance. I just love the slight tilt of her head as if a zombie royal! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Cheeky Zombie Imp?

She has an appeal all of her own. Her eyes might burn a hole right through your head though... Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Zombie Kissed?

Where was this insane clown's posse when a zombie bit him? Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Anyone for a game of Killzone?

One of my favourite "zombie" outfits at the Sydney Zombie Walk Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Return of the Zombies...

Sweeeet Zombiee

Cute Smiling Sister Zombie :D 2 of 2

Sister Zombie 1 of 2

Outstanding Zombie

Definitely stood out in the crowd :) Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Happy Zombie

Are safer ones... Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Demure Zombie

She came from an Oktoberfest party down the road to attend the Zombie Walk. Spotted me lifting my DSLR to my eye and she was clearly in two minds as to whether to smile or not. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Zombie Humanity

The aftermath was one of "how many zombies could fit down a stairway?" while a normal person attempts to climb it with several eyes upon him. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Posing Zombie

She saw me shooting from afar and as she got closer she posed for me. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Happy Endings :)

This guy had great zombie character about him. Smiled all the way through. Whereas the girl in front had those eat you up eyes. Portfolio | Galleries | FB