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Sydney Vivid Festival 2012

Sydney Vivid Festival 2012

Sydney Vivid Festival 2012

Sydney Vivid Festival 2012

Full Moon Rising - Vivid Festival 2013

Vivid Festival 2013

Cropped from previous image (which already shot in DX mode as 24mm was still too far to get a better composition...) Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Vivid Festival 2013

Vivid Festival - Full Moon @200mm (300mm DX or cropped mode)

Thought I'd have a go at shooting the full moon as best I possibly could with the 200mm - never done this before... Portfolio | Sets | Google +

DANCE! Vivid Festival 2013

DANCE! - Vivid Festival 2013

Is there some kind of theme here? Vivid Festival 2013?

Here's to a brilliant night out with 500px friends

Last evening I had the pleasure of meeting up with 2 very lovely folk here on 500px Ashley Sowter and Jodie Taylor on a photo-walk of the Sydney Vivid Festival 2013. We exchanged ideas, stories, how we approached taking and working on our images. Meeting and discussing about our favourite hobby isn't this what it's all about? This image is a tribute to the both of them for just being who they and making it night to remember. Cheers guys! This is a composite multiple set of 4 shots taken and processed onboard by the EXPEED 3 image processor. It effectively 'colour stacks' the 4 images together. This is NOT a HDR composite. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Tripping the light fantastic - Vivid Festival 2013

Light trails by the Sydney Opera House, Vivid Festival 2013. My very first light trail effort courtesy of Jodie Taylor who showed me how it was done! She had no qualms getting down low and shooting upwards to capture car tail lights. Really liked her energy and approach to composition - random! No seriously she sees compositions and just goes to it without thinking. This is real photography on the fly. Capture the moment. I tend to set up and have my tripod extended to the fullest, measured and calculating. Jodie used all heights of her tripod through the evening and was constantly moving around.Together with Ashley Sowter we followed Jodie's lead and 'dropped low' tripping the light fantastic with one of Sydney's icons in the background. Brilliant stuff. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Gatsby Trail - Vivid Bus Zone

Well Jodie Taylor and I were out and about experimenting with shutter exposures again capturing moving light. We must of spent a good 45 minutes at various bus stops trying to get decent light trails from buses but they were far and few between. Here is my effort. A broken, skewed, stuttered trail of light courtesy of a bus that moved and stopped at slow speed spacing them out. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Like You've Never Seen Her

Taken at last year's Vivid Festival 2013, the full moon decided to make a very welcomed appearance. Only 2 more months and it's back again in Sydney! Happy to meet up with any fellow photographers preferably those I know from 500px to link up and enjoy a cool night out. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

When in Sydney... Vivid Festival 2014

I live in Sydney but I am 30km away from the Harbour. The first night I came here especially to photograph this composition there was another photographer at this same spot. However he was shooting another completely different composition and using a focus stacking rail! So instead of taking a few images he spent at least a few hours here so I went home on the train dejected but determined! I came back the following night and it was mine all mine I tell you! I spent probably 45 minutes here. Hope you all enjoy this image. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

V i v i d . 2 0 1 6

Shot with very good friends Roger and Viki Harrison Portfolio | Galleries | FB

B l e n d e d . S k y

A composite of 2 images taken some 10 mins apart last evening blended for the sky and then the Opera House after it had been lit up. The sky was exposed for 2 minutes with a neutral density filter and the Opera House 5 seconds. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Sydney Vivid Festival 2016

Sydney Vivid Festival 2016