Lin Zee

Man in m o t i o n

This fellow had a lot of character with his long hair, suit and hat. I followed him around taking even more pictures. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Uber Contrasty

I had no idea what Uber was when I first took this photo. All I knew was this vehicle had some old fashioned class about it and the only reason I took it. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Indian Spices

King Street Newtown. One of the most Bohemian towns of Sydney and probably one with the most eateries and bars! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Easy Rider And Even Easier Passenger

Another 'snap' from the Australia Day bus ride. A unique motor vehicle that begged to be captured. The zoom blur is actually Photoshop radial blur filter applied here. The border is from Silver Effects Pro 2 but the processing is not. Portfolio | Sets | FB


Took this from the top deck of a vintage double decker bus in the bus lane of course last year sitting alongside Jodie Taylor on Australia Day 2014. I just like the lines, the contrasts and the cold city feel you get from this image. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Start Fixed Speed Limit Zone

There are just too many confusing road signs about these days all designed to shape traffic flow and safety. Only works when you are the only car on the carriageway. Taken at dawn the Queen Mary 2 was already docked before I got there as I was hoping to capture it streaming into the harbour flanked by tug boats. Portfolio | Sets | FB

A Day at the 'O'pera, House.

This fisheye composite of 5 bracketed shots assembled by hand (not via luminosity masks) and then converted to black and white, allows for a long view of the fenceline and city skyline impossible with regular lens optics. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Ascension II

Uncropped version. PS CC 2014 treated. Amazing quality at ISO 8000 and shutter speed. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Busking the blues

Part of my blue reflecting sunnies series this busker had said sunglasses on. Press 'M' to maximise please :) Portfolio | Sets | FB


Moving to higher ground. Post processing in LR5 only no PS CC 2014 alterations. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Such is life

Press 'M' key to maximise please. Thank you :) Portfolio | Sets | FB

Government House, Sydney

Famous icon not incognito nor inconspicous



Blues brothers?

Wollongong Harbour b/w

She wore a raspberry beret


Cropped from a 36MP image to 62% of its original size. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Wollongong Harbour cropped

Cropped from 36MP to roughly 1/4 size of the previous photo. Dare I say, one of the beauties of the D800 - pictures within pictures... My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Cool looking couple doing the pergola stroll


Noah's Backpackers - Bondi Beach


Jodie Taylor and I out venturing around the Basalt Latite features at Kiama Downs, Sydney NSW. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Wet Street

Hooded strangers in passing One in black, other in white Strangers to me To each other I know not... Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Where the streets are paved with art

Fresh spray paint cans in the street is evidence of continual evolving street art. A possible candidate for time lapse photography showing how artwork changes from week to week even years... Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Steeped In Convict History

Sydney's early port facilities operated out of the Walsh Bay finger wharves in Dawes Point which have now been converted to residential and commercial blocks. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Infrastructure - Sub and Superstructure

He would never need a wetsuit...

Invigorating to say the least. But then again it's not the South Pole. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Rocking the Boat

Long Jetty, NSW, Australia Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

45 km/h Limit to Sea Cliff Bridge

The Watcher - Rookwood Cemetry Sculpture Walk

Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB Artist - Sean Williams Dimensions - 4000 x 1100 x 1100 mm - CLICK FOR MORE ---->> Price - $3,000 Legends, folklore and mythology are filled with references to ravens. The representation of this animal can shift from that of the foreteller of death or evil to a guide or escort to the underworld. The raven symbolises wisdom, death, creation and transformation. In Welsh folklore, a crying raven on a church steeple will 'overlook' the next house where death will occur. It is said a raven could smell death and would hover over the area where the next victim dwelt. Ravens were heard to 'laugh' when someone was about to die.

Holiday Sales are On...

Now the holidays are here, the store sales kick off in earnest. This is not an advertisement for Prada but just an image symbolising retail sales of which fashion plays a big part. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

But please take care while you shop!

Under Bridge

The obligatory 'under the bridge' shot where ever there is a bridge. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Land Connector - La Perouse

I never tire of this place. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Dark Knight

'Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life. Make the white queen run so fast she hasn't got time to make you a wife.' Your Move - Yes. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Space: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the SS Opera House - to boldy go where no man has gone before... Another image from a shoot with Bipphy Kath. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Central CountryLink Passenger Terminal

As part of on the bus series Jodie Taylor and I went up to the passenger terminal to see what we could see, see, see... Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Same Same But Different

Same archway but with human interest and converted. Oh and Happy Valentine's Day to those who follow it. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Down the Line

Busking the Blues

He was playing soulful riffs which drew me to him in the first place. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Busker Stylised

at 1/6 sec I could just about freeze everything apart from his strumming hand and tapping foot. Higher ISO next time! P.S. - I am finding it difficult to register my votes with you all as 500px is not playing along well at the moment. I guess we are all affected and so no advantage/disadvantage really. Swings and roundabouts. But it's not about the votes. It's about seeing great images and interpreting concepts and being able to know what went through the mind and process it took to get to a certain look and feel. And learning. Learning every single day. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Foot of the Marriott

Flanked by surrounding office buildings the Marriott Hotel is a wonderful piece of architecture in almost pure white tiles that makes it a standout in the Sydney skyline. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Mono and Vignetteless!

BW version no vignetting in sight! Flick between the two!!! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Close to the Sun

Out on a chilly winters morning the sun had been up only an hour when I snapped this by a saltwater pool. Sets of waves were starting to come over the chains. Kept waiting for that 'Hawaii Five O' freak wave to crash over but it never happened. At least I got close to the sun that day. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street IV (Wolfram T with thanks)

Welcome to the 'Twilight Zone'. Requested by and with gratitude to a great friend on 500px, Wolfram T, who had the foresight to see this, a black and white version of the previous image I posted last evening. A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! Posting early tonight for tomorrow I go on a dawn shoot to hopefully catch good images of Queen Mary 2 docking in Sydney Harbour. So if I do not respond to your messages and vote on your images tonight it is because I will have retired to bed to be at the site early! Cheers Everyone! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Back to Street VII - One Way, conflicting arrows

A series of street images taken in 2013 that I had not got around to processing until now! Indigenous art form which is quite distinctive to any other form of art elsewhere on the planet. Probably not a commissioned piece due to the disregard given it via the 'for sale' and road signs posted on top of it. But I must say it is a stunning piece of work. Converted to black and white as the colour scheme lacked punch (as distinct from the actual design itself). Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Ivy Bar Sydney

I thought these paper lanterns had a certain charm to them and of being out of place, in that they appeared to glow and float in the air even though they weren't actually turned on and also being in a modern city setting. Even more charming during the evening I suppose! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

HIP Decor? HIP Tonality!

Walked into this establishment that really had no street front but via a bar via elevators. One for celebrities or those looking for something different? Not your normal department store but this store was selling everything from clothing to furniture. Not your run of the mill items. I took a snap of this room and whilst it was colourful I decided to convert it and play with the highlights, vignetting and gradients within Lightroom and Photoshop. My previous image - Gold Tread - was part of this store. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Pitt St Mall, Sydney.

Pitt St Mall on the weekend attracts many buskers who in turn attract many onlookers. This chap was setting up for the morning and had another partner that played along with him. We had a quiet chat and he was happy for me to take this image. Only thing I regret is leaving his foot out of the shot and not getting a better view of the guitar he was holding. Deliberately made this a high contrast shot from high to low, left to right. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB


On the far side on the right under the bridge was a homeless person with his belongings surrounding him while he laid down. He spotted me and was nervous as he started to move around a bit. I feel this is becoming more and more prevalent especially in the city with beggars on the street. Hard to know if they are genuine or not at times. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

QM2 - Up Close and Personal

Simple Photoshop iris blur employed on the cruise liner rendering the Sydney Opera House out of focus in case some of you were wondering "hey but it's at f/22"! The smoke funnels have smoke pouring out of them in case you were also wondering why they seem to be haloed or 'fringed'. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Take a Bow - Cunard's Queen Mary 2

This thing extends way past the passenger terminal. From Cunard's website; Queen Mary 2 is Cunard’s flagship and the most magnificent ocean liner ever built. A Transatlantic Crossing to or from New York on this incredible ship is a holiday like no other but her cruises from Southampton are also very special. She offers so much space on board and such an array of state of the art facilities including a 3D Cinema, planetarium and a superb spa. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Model Kimberly Bear

Model Kimberly Bear from Model Mayhem and Facebook Page Shot with Donald Goldney at his photo studio. Surprisingly little or no distortion at 12mm as I worked in close with Kimberly on this particular shot. I wanted lines and angles and so had her place her hands on her head and looking away also to get light and shade on her face. Final crop to her elbows and luminance layer in Photoshop. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Split Toning the Shadows Sepia

Model Kimberly Bear from Model Mayhem and Facebook Page Shot with Donald Goldney at his photo studio. Another demure shot of this wonderful lady. As per the title I wanted to add a bit more tonal body than just pure b&w mono. Again working with shadow and light her felt hat afforded the shade with the light bouncing off her forearm. No need for a Photoshop luminance layer here. Shot with a D800 over the E-M1 on my previous image. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 20

If it doesn't rain it pours. Purely coincidental but another publication 'Photography Masterclass Magazine' approached me for the above image as part of a feature on vanishing points which is technique I love to employ whenever I get the chance. This is a purely digital tablet (or smartphone) format magazine that looks to be feature packed with content you would expect from a quality photography publication at the newsstands or on the web compatible with iOS or Android device and I assume others. As in my last post I am totally unaffiliated with this organisation and just posting my success here for all to see. The links I provide are not for advertising purposes but for all to view and make their own judgement call on the quality of the content they see. I am not receiving any commission from what I post here so hopefully trigger happy flaggers understand that I am not blatantly promoting a product that I am associated with - which I am definitely not. And now back to the drought :) PMM on Facebook PMM on Twitter PMM on Google+ PMM on Flickr Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Fly-away hair

Model Kimberly Bear from Model Mayhem and Facebook Page Shot with Donald Goldney at his photo studio. Had some fun with Kimberly trying a few unconventional shots particularly with her hair. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Love Directing Models :)

Model Kimberly Bear from Model Mayhem and Facebook Page Shot with Donald Goldney at his photo studio. In case if you were wondering, all the poses you see here have been under my direction and not at the model's suggestion. She may have had some input, but by and large I called the shots. i.e. So I am to blame for poor quality poses and not the model please. Thanking you :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Profile Crop

Model Kimberly Bear from Model Mayhem and Facebook Page Shot with Donald Goldney at his photo studio. Cropped to approximately 75% of the full resolution size of the original. I can understand why some say the D800 36MP full frame can just about output poster sized prints like medium format DSLRs do. No skin retouching done here as I do not know how to apart from reducing clarity and contrast which I have also not done. The original crop is far less interesting and puny in comparison! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Day Break and 7 mins later...

Shadows have disappeared. Those cranes are an eye-sore yes I know D: Mono for Mike Smith :D Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Bedford St

Enjoy. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

A Day In The Life

Anzac Bridge pylon framed between upper and lower decks of a combined cycle/walkway. Amazing architecture in the city wherever you go. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Pedestrians Beware!

Shared pathways can be fraught with danger! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Rail Information 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Platforms 2 to 9 at Central Station, Sydney - one for Ash. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Platform 3 - Central Station

Strong sepia tone via split toning in LR5 no preset used. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

End of Platform 3

Mono conversion, split toning and vignette applied - no presets used. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Looking Back

Mono conversion and split toning the highlights no vignetting. Lowered opacity a fraction to give it the misty look. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Converge Towards the City

B&W conversion, no split toning, 75% opacity. Oh and vignetting! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Iconic Cousins 2

2 shot pano, zoom blur courtesy of PS CC 2014 :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Away from the Sun

Taken at Bombo but looking back away from the clifftop. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Pretty Zombie

2014 Sydney Zombie Walk. This lovely lady was having 'blood' sprayed on her in preparation for the Zombie Walk through the city. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Couple

A great looking couple, the lady was wheelchair bound which didn't stop her from getting dressed up and coming out for some fun. Her pretty bow was hot pink with purply hair of course. I just love the sneer in her I assume partner's face. Very Billy Idol like. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Triple Treat

Just love their expressions. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Shy Zombie

Normally extroverted this zombie looked down with a smile as I raised my DSLR. Quite some blood around the open wound around her neck and cleavage. Probably one of the more scantiliy clad female zombies on display as most wore very ornate outfits that involved layers of clothing. The day got to something like 30 degrees celcius and so a big up to those in full length costumes. The storm just at the start of the walk was received very well indeed as a result. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Pure Zombie Terror

The march had started through the city streets. I was running ahead of the pack so I could take photos of as many interesting characters as I could. This guy came out of nowhere and got right in my face. My instinct was to just .... shoot! I was on full manual mode and I couldn't react quick enough to increase the shutter speed and this is probably the only decent shot I got of him. I do like his teeth very much don't you? Pure Zombie Terror. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Zombie Attack - the photographers last photo...

The march was in full swing right after the rain. It was time for the zombies to let down their hair, show off their costumes, stop traffic and have all of Sydney watch in awe or run in panic. It was also an opportunity to get revenge on a photographer who only moments ago was poking a camera in their faces in the marshalling area. This photo might be the very last one this photographer ever took.... Portfolio | Sets | FB

Outstanding Zombie

Definitely stood out in the crowd :) Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Demure Zombie

She came from an Oktoberfest party down the road to attend the Zombie Walk. Spotted me lifting my DSLR to my eye and she was clearly in two minds as to whether to smile or not. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Zombie Humanity

The aftermath was one of "how many zombies could fit down a stairway?" while a normal person attempts to climb it with several eyes upon him. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Posing Zombie

She saw me shooting from afar and as she got closer she posed for me. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Happy Endings :)

This guy had great zombie character about him. Smiled all the way through. Whereas the girl in front had those eat you up eyes. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

Masturbate but.. is more appropriate?

I stood around waiting to get a clear shot of this guy and when I did he threw me a peace sign. Not sure what the sign in his hand meant though. Perhaps his Facebook page might tell me but I am afraid, very afraid to go there. Portfolio | Galleries | FB


Each other. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

3 S t e p s O n

2 metres further on from the last image in mono Portfolio | Galleries | FB

S t e a d y A s H e G o e s

P a t r i o t

A man that plays and sings Australian written songs Portfolio | Galleries | FB

S t r e e t J o u r n a l i s m

Unsure if these folk were travelers or living off the street. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

T i l t / S h i f t

C h a r l i e . C h a n . i n s i d e

Is that Charlie at the window? Portfolio | Galleries | FB

W a l k . T h i s . W a y

R a i n . R a i n . G o . A w a y

B e a u t y . a t . 1 0 . P a c e s

Overcast lighting conditions were ideal for this image. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

D o d g e . B a t m o b i l e

Pity it wasn't sitting on its own. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

P l y m o u t h . C u d a

N e w t o w n

Spot metered on the subject resulting in blown out backlights Portfolio | Galleries | FB

S t y l e | C a r r é

C a r e r

S h o o t . M e

Z 0 0 0

A t e . T . M

N O . G A P . O 'N' . C O O L

Well guess what there was a gap... Portfolio | Galleries | FB

D o g g y . D o o

T h e . B e a T l e s

T h e . C l i m b

B u s . S h e l t e r

P o s t h a s t e

bit of light and shade here.Portfolio | Galleries | FB

H e l l o . ' L a d i e s '

Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras morning after... Portfolio | Galleries | FB

P e d e s t r i a n s


O M G . W T F . T R U T H

A i r . B o y

C l o s e . t o . G O D

R o s e . T a t t o o

A break in the parade proceedings for Jeff who thinks I'm a chick magnet but I actually had to double back for this shot! A great follow up to Close to GOD don't you think? Portfolio | Galleries | FB


M a r a t h o n . M a n

'But is it safe?' From the movie Marathon Man Portfolio | Galleries | FB



Probably the only recognisable thing in this image Portfolio | Galleries | FB

T h u n d e r . T h i g h s

T u n n e l . V i s i o n

Dedicated to Jeff because he thinks Aussie girls are the best. Any/all debates should be taken up with him ;-p Portfolio | Galleries | FB

L o v e r s

C i r c u m s p e c t

M e n . i n . B l a c k

S w i s h

M i r r o r . M i r r o r . o n . t h e . F l o o r

P a r a l l e l i s m

F u n . R u n

S l i c e . o f . L i f e

C e n t r a l


L o o k . A t . M e

B a c k p a c k e r s

Fire alarm brought a large group of backpackers out into the street while firemen cleared the situation Portfolio | Galleries | FB

F i s h . M a r k e t s

F i s h . M a r k e t s Portfolio | Galleries | FB

D o w n c a s t

R i n g s

F i s h . M a r k e t s

Same day different POV Portfolio | Galleries | FB


H a z y . D a z e

H a z y . H a r b o u r

Probably walked something like 5 kms on this day capturing loads of hazy atmospheric images courtesy of back burning by local fire authorities. The RAW file shows a blown out sky and so I have employed some techniques to bring it back again whilst not blackening the low lights too much. Happy Sunday and impending new week folks. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

George St near King in Sydney

W e s t p a c

Evelyn - Sunrise

Evelyn - Sunrise