Lin Zee

Start Fixed Speed Limit Zone

There are just too many confusing road signs about these days all designed to shape traffic flow and safety. Only works when you are the only car on the carriageway. Taken at dawn the Queen Mary 2 was already docked before I got there as I was hoping to capture it streaming into the harbour flanked by tug boats. Portfolio | Sets | FB

A Day at the 'O'pera, House.

This fisheye composite of 5 bracketed shots assembled by hand (not via luminosity masks) and then converted to black and white, allows for a long view of the fenceline and city skyline impossible with regular lens optics. Portfolio | Sets | FB

A different perspective

This image is very close to the original un-edited version. It is ever so slightly more saturated here. Shot at pretty much sunset, the colours are quite vivid naturally as it is golden hour. No filters except a UV filter was attached to the lens i.e. no polarizer or ND filters were used. The image has not been cropped and is the full sensor size version. It was taken from the Sydney Opera House and simply zoomed in to the full extent of the zoom lens @ 70mm. One of my favourite shots, it proudly cycles through among other favourites, a digital photo frame sitting on my desk at work. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Sydney Opera House vantage point

Vantage point from where I shot the 2 previous shots in my portfolio except turned inwards of course. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Million dollar view

St Mary's Cathedral from Hyde Park South

Lunar Park - just for fun

From the Royal Botanic Gardens

Famous icon not incognito nor inconspicous

$70 water taxi ride afforded me this view

I was running late for a work function that I was organising and had no option but to catch such outrageously expensive transport. My Portfolio My Sets Google +


Australia Square building and Calder Structure

Excerpt from Wikipedia Australia Square The building was designed by Harry Seidler & Associates. Today, it remains a landmark building in Sydney and is regarded as iconic to Australian architecture. It has even been described as the most beautiful building in Australia. The outstanding feature of the Square is the Tower Building which from its completion in 1967 until 1976 was the tallest building in Sydney. Calder Structure Unfortunately I cannot find any direct information on this particular structure but here is an excerpt from Wikipedia of the sculptor of this structure. Excerpt from Wikipedia Alexander Calder (July 22, 1898 – November 11, 1976) was an American sculptor best known as the originator of the mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture the delicately balanced or suspended components of which move in response to motor power or air currents; by contrast, Calder’s stationary sculptures are called stabiles. He also produced numerous wire figures, notably for a vast miniature circus. In June 1969, Calder attended the dedication of his monumental stabile La Grande Vitesse in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This sculpture is notable for being the first public work of art in the United States to be funded with federal monies; acquired with funds granted from the then new National Endowment for the Arts under its “Art for Public Places” program. Calder created a sculpture called WTC Stabile (also known as Bent Propeller), which in 1971 was installed at the entrance of the World Trade Center's North Tower in New York City. When Battery Park City opened, the sculpture was moved to Vesey and Church Streets. The sculpture stood in front of 7 World Trade Center until it was destroyed on September 11, 2001. In 1974 Calder unveiled to the public two sculptures, Flamingo at Federal Plaza and Universe at Sears Tower,[35] in Chicago, Illinois. The exhibition Alexander Calder: A Retrospective Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, opened simultaneously with the unveiling of the sculptures. Originally meant to be constructed in 1979 for the Hart Senate Office Building, Mountains and Clouds was not built until 1985 due to government budget cuts. The massive project, constructed of sheet steel and weighing 35 tons, spans the entire nine-story height of the building's atrium in Washington D.C. Calder designed the maquette in the last year of his life for the U.S. Senate, and designated his assistant Carmen Segretario to construct the massive stabile. My Portfolio My Sets Google +

Sunny Bondi Beach from Notts Ave entrance

Man I wish it was summer in Sydney again! Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Here's to a brilliant night out with 500px friends

Last evening I had the pleasure of meeting up with 2 very lovely folk here on 500px Ashley Sowter and Jodie Taylor on a photo-walk of the Sydney Vivid Festival 2013. We exchanged ideas, stories, how we approached taking and working on our images. Meeting and discussing about our favourite hobby isn't this what it's all about? This image is a tribute to the both of them for just being who they and making it night to remember. Cheers guys! This is a composite multiple set of 4 shots taken and processed onboard by the EXPEED 3 image processor. It effectively 'colour stacks' the 4 images together. This is NOT a HDR composite. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Tripping the light fantastic - Vivid Festival 2013

Light trails by the Sydney Opera House, Vivid Festival 2013. My very first light trail effort courtesy of Jodie Taylor who showed me how it was done! She had no qualms getting down low and shooting upwards to capture car tail lights. Really liked her energy and approach to composition - random! No seriously she sees compositions and just goes to it without thinking. This is real photography on the fly. Capture the moment. I tend to set up and have my tripod extended to the fullest, measured and calculating. Jodie used all heights of her tripod through the evening and was constantly moving around.Together with Ashley Sowter we followed Jodie's lead and 'dropped low' tripping the light fantastic with one of Sydney's icons in the background. Brilliant stuff. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Superlative Sydney Sunrise

Taken approx 5 minutes before actual sunrise the absolute best time to capture the myriad of hues on display depending on air quality, altitude and cloud cover! Attended with Matthew Ashdown who shoots with a mean NEX-5 producing astounding compositions. Do yourself a favour and take a look at his portfolio. True passion there. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Another Pearler of the 'Hanger' at Dawn

With clouds dispersed the sun started to hit the horizon bringing with it a golden glow peeking out over the reddish clouds. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Sun Burst Through

Finally the new day begins complete with lens flare! Amazing pre-dawn, dawn and post dawn colouration throughout this series. Thanks for viewing :) Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Foreground Interest and Lines

Pre-dawn C moon with accentuated sky hues

Apologies I have not been on 500px the last few days. Real life gets in the way! Having fun with the tone curve. Colour temperature slightly warmed here together with a neutral tint. An amount of colour saturation also applied. Otherwise these are the base colours! Just love those bridge climbers up and early. Talk about keen! Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Infrastructure - Sub and Superstructure

The Opening Gambit

The very first shot of a shoot always has an element of 'risk' associated with it particularly if you haven't prepared your gear the day or night before. On this occasion I was quite happy with the shot all it needed was leveling the horizon (and post processing of course). Most of my first shots are mistakes because my settings are completely wrong etc. Hence I was pleasantly surprised with this particularly shot. I am going to put this down to finally meeting up with the famous Paul 'Emmo' Emmings as having a positive effect on my technique as his portfolio is a standard by which to strive to. Taken at 5:30am this morning. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Tribute to Paul 'Emmo' Emmings

Big up (thanks) to Paul 'Emmo' Emmings for this image as I consider this to be his trademark moniker shot. Bit of a challenge getting a slow shutter speed shot through this hole in the fence as the tripod needed to be set up in 'lean to' position along the sandstone wall footing with 2 legs down and 1 leg up. Emmo helped me out with the tripod setup so I could take it. It's not the best of shots colourwise, but to pull off one of Emmo's trademark shots was such a thrill. This man is just so gracious and unselfish in his approach and attitude I just have to tip my hat to him. Cheers Emmo you are a photographer's photographer! Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Same theme. Moon included

I like this shot so much I just had to include it as I love anything to do with the moon. This was taken just in front of the foreground interest object in my last shot and only inches from a meter or so drop to the water itself. Element of risk here to also go with the original theme. Will post another to change it up a bit as I know this is just too similar to the last submission. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

New Dawn Sunrise

Fortunate enough to have had clouds on the horizon to help diffuse the golden hour light. Portfolio | Sets | Google +

Shot from the Grassy Knoll...

No calvacade procession of cars or dignitaries along this road at 6:43am on this morning... Just two snap happy photographers, myself and Emmo on the prowl. I wonder just how many times our prime minister would even travel on this particular road? Base colour temperature hasn't been altered here. A level of colour vibrance and tone curve enhancements have been made however. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

5:30am North Sydney

Out and about with Emmo again! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Light Trail of Death

Yes dramatic title but this lady did attempt a U turn in her car right where I was standing on the road just in front of the brightest part of the trail. Ok I should not have even been on the road but for a second there I thought I would never take this frame home! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Jeffrey St Wharf, Kirribilli

This is a unique shot for me as I do most of my shooting south of the Harbour Bridge as the main city, parks and gardens are on this side. North Sydney CBD is purely a business district and lacks historical character compared to its southern counterpart. Shot with Emmo and a Canadian 500px'er by the name of Omar. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Foreground interest and a reflection

The title is foreground interest people! Understand the foreground is not 'pristine' but please try to understand the technicality of the shot also. I will have to come back to this spot at a higher tide to please the viewing public. Well pleased with this shot. Emmo is big on foreground so he got me to take this one. Thanks mate. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Through the Bars

Emmo has his signature shot. Perhaps this is mine? Would to revisit with a longer lens to see what other different compositions I can obtain from this spot. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Serendipitous - Light Trails and Sails

Just a simple 8 second light trail as a single car or bus passed by. Darkened this image considerably and bumped up the saturation levels to enhance the colouration and light so that you do not see building outlines nor the ends of the Opera House sails. Realised I took this in DX or 1.5x crop mode and so effectively a focal length of 57mm in 35mm format. Serendipitous. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Stars, Sails and Shells

Wish I had used my 14mm for this job as I only just got the tips of the sails in the frame here. I was hard against the railing some 15 - 20 metres away taking this shot. I do love celestial bodies! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Celebrating 40

Excerpt - The Opera House is the result of a seminal collaboration between the people of Australia and Denmark's most famous architect, Jørn Utzon. Underlining the enduring links first forged by Australia's most famous building, Denmark's Crown Prince Couple, HRH Prince Frederik and HRH Princess Mary, have agreed to be the patrons of the Opera House's 40th Anniversary. A fantastic historic collaboration and an obvious wonderful choice of patrons for this event. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Sydney Opera House 'Head On'

This one is for Mike Smith and probably a few others who encouraged me to take a wider shot. This is cropped to fill the frame. I still had 1mm of focal length of to spare as I had shot this at 15mm. PS the lens flare is from an event being held at the bottom left of frame where there was lighting outside of the plastic tent arrangement interfering with my shot. Did the best I could! Enjoy! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Ship in Port

Luxury Cruise Liner - Celebrity X if I am not mistaken (open to correction folks!) - This has been cropped to something like less than 10% of the original frame! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Have a Wonderful Wonderful New Year Everyone!

Had a great time taking a few shots of the NYE firedworks in Sydney last night. Although not the best of vantage points, the bridge certainly came to life even in this humble image. Wishing you all the very best New Year to each and every one of you! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Success, Health, Happiness and Love to all 2014

Another view from my vantage point. This time with the Sydney Opera House head on towards the left of image. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Tri-Colour Sky

Taken some time after my previous shot on the same day. There's probably 4 colours in the sky but tri-colour sounds better :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Two for One Bargain

'Coathanger' in da 'House'. I think I should have used the extra 2mm... Tri-colours gave way to 2 colours as golden hour moved on. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Red Shell House

Managed to catch up with Bipphy Kath on a spur of the moment encounter last week so we shot all night. Here's one of the results. The red I believe was for the Chinese New Year but I could be wrong. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Sunset Hanger

Another capture with Bipphy Kath. Quite a productive evening and meet up. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Space: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the SS Opera House - to boldy go where no man has gone before... Another image from a shoot with Bipphy Kath. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Tack Sharp - 175mm at 500 metres and 30 secs

You may recall I took similar shots at 15mm and at 24mm on previous occasions. Well this is taken at 175mm from at least 400 possibly 500 metres away as you can see here. Also taken on the same shoot with Bipphy Kath. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

McMahons Point this A.M.

This image was meant to have a longer exposure than 30 secs but I left my remote shutter release at home. You can start to see the clouds move in an easterly direction and would have been more pronounced if only remote was with me. Next time... I arrived at around 5:45 am only to find the place packed out by kayakers readying for a meet on the harbour and so had to park a couple of blocks away. Was hoping to have my car parked just metres from this spot! Because of this and leaving my remote at home I missed the lights on the bridge and about 10 mins of darkness that would have changed this scene entirely. The life of a (amateur!) photographer! :) Stacked Cokin GND filters to ND14 prevented a probable blowout sky. Circular polariser also used although probably unnecessary here. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Like You've Never Seen Her

Taken at last year's Vivid Festival 2013, the full moon decided to make a very welcomed appearance. Only 2 more months and it's back again in Sydney! Happy to meet up with any fellow photographers preferably those I know from 500px to link up and enjoy a cool night out. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Thank You for 100k affection and 1m views

Almost a year on 500px and I have reached and surpassed 2 milestones. Never would I have thought I would achieve them without your contribution. The community here is something special once you immerse yourself in the commentary and then perhaps a flow onto other sites be it social media or photographic. I thank you all particularly those that I know quite well on here. For those that follow me and I don't know well, I hope this changes over the course of time. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Park Hyatt under the 'Hanger'

$800 per night for the privilege of it. I'd rather use that money on my favourite charity or camera gear! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Lines, Arcs of Grace and Elegance

A perfectly calm and clear evening allowed me to take this at full 200mm zoom and 30 secs, uncropped. Composed totally within the viewfinder. I have total respect for bird photographers who shoot at 600mm and deliver crystal clear tack sharp images! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Clouds 1, Sun 0

Try hard as it might the sun just could not pierce the thick cloud cover on this day. Made for a very moody gloomy twilight! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Sunset Exposure Hue Buildup

Taken towards the end of blue hour, the sky was almost pitch black dark. Together with stacked Cokin filters to a maximum of 12ND, made focussing impossible through the viewfinder/liveview. But boy oh boy did the 2 minute exposure build up the colours though!

Ground Control to Major Tom

Past sunset blue hour, a faint lone star trail appears like a shooting star or what a spacecraft might look like upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. Not to be confused with the light trail of a jet aircraft also in the image! This is a 2 and a half minute exposure using stacked Cokin filters to 12ND. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Vivid Light Trails

Sydney Vivid Festival. Taken during blue hour and half an hour before the start time, watercraft cruised the harbour with LED light fittings just for the event. 3.5 minute exposure using stacked Cokin filters to 12ND. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

When in Sydney... Vivid Festival 2014

I live in Sydney but I am 30km away from the Harbour. The first night I came here especially to photograph this composition there was another photographer at this same spot. However he was shooting another completely different composition and using a focus stacking rail! So instead of taking a few images he spent at least a few hours here so I went home on the train dejected but determined! I came back the following night and it was mine all mine I tell you! I spent probably 45 minutes here. Hope you all enjoy this image. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Overcast Day

Taken after midday a 50s exposure with a 10 stop ND filter. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

View from a Bridge

In complete contrast to my previous image this is another 10 stop ND filter shot at half the exposure time as it was a sunny day. Also quite a bit of harbour activity going on with ferries shuttling in and out of the quay. Shot from Sydney Harbour Bridge this youtube video was cool for its time, enjoy! View from a Bridge - Kim Wilde Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Golden Glow

2 minute exposure and at f/16 for those starbursts to come out nicely. A very calm night on the harbour during the Vivid Festival and lots of water craft probably adding to the bridge's overall glow. Also used a big stopper for the 120s exposure at dusk. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Big Red Sunset

Red glow as the sun set below the horizon leading into blue hour. This is a composite image comprised of a foreground taken earlier right up to the shoreline merged in with the bridge background. Shot with a big stopper at 60s. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

We All Love Photography

You can't keep a good photographer down. On this evening at least 3 other photographers decided to climb onto rocks and shoot the 'bridge' right in front of me. I wanted foreground with the rocks. I certainly got that and more! I don't think they got foreground in their shots do you? A trade off really. 3 minute big stopper exposure. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Garuda July 2014 Cover

Absolutely thrilled and proud as punch that my image was chosen as the cover page for the In-flight magazine 'Colours' of Garuda Indonesia Airlines. Got the news a week ago that it would make front cover but today I can announce it as it is 1st July here. Waited a few nervous weeks for the final confirmation and some negotiations with the Editor of the magazine to finally make it. If you follow me you may recall I had to travel twice to come back to get this particular shot as on the first occasion another photographer 'hogged' this open portal in the fence line for hours and hours using focus rails taking shot after shot. I spent about 45 minutes taking numerous maybe a dozen or more shots as this was this taken during the Sydney Vivid Festival. I just wanted a good range of shots with different colours and patterns on the Opera House and passing watercraft. Special mention goes to Paul Emmings as he showed me this spot when we caught up last year and did photoshoots nearly every other day over a 2 week period. Thank you Paul. I've placed this in the 'Commercial' category as I wasn't sure what I should list it as. Feel free to correct me and I'll change it. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Day Break

Dawn shoot just before 7:00am - pretty cold morning to be standing there waiting for sunrise. Just me, the security guard and super keen joggers running past. Not a watercraft in sight, only their wakes. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Day Break and 7 mins later...

Shadows have disappeared. Those cranes are an eye-sore yes I know D: Mono for Mike Smith :D Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

This Celebrity has a real 'Stern Aft'

Another floating hotel in the harbour. Shot from a water taxi in the harbour :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Egalitarian - A Harbour for All

Tourists, locals, workers, entertainers you name it, Sydney Harbour and all of its facilities is open to all. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

I'm Just a Walking the Dog

Baby, back Dressed in black Silver buttons all down her back High hose, tippy toes She broke the needle and she can sew Walking the dog I'm just a walking the dog If you don't know how to do it I'll show you how to walk the dog B&W conversion, split toning, camera calibration RGB adjustments all in LR5 and opacity reduction in PS. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Converge Towards the City

B&W conversion, no split toning, 75% opacity. Oh and vignetting! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Once in a 'Blue' Moon

Composite image of 2 frames both taken with the D800. The bridge in FX and the moon in DX (for extra magnification) mode. The 'blue' moon is placed at exactly the same position the real moon was on this night. The bridge shot taken over 30s whilst the moon at 1/640s exposure. Enjoy. Labeled in the Fine Art category I make no apologies for how unreal this image looks as it is a very subjective piece. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Earlier that Day

Taken earlier the same day as my previous image but with the E-M1 DSLR. The position of the moon is clearly seen here. Big Stopper also used here for the 30s exposure :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

'Times Like These'

This night was meant to be a 'super' full moon night but was blocked out by the clouds. It would have appeared between the bridge and wheel itself and you can make out the moonlight rays faintly coming through. This is a different night from that of which I took my other full moon shot. Did not attempt to remove keystoning in this image as it would have lost parts of the wheel and bridge pylon over to the right. Times like these I wish I had an even wider lens! Title is a reference to a Foo Fighters song off the One By One album. Thank you Rose MacAuslan! Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

A Cloudy Disposition

Not a composite. Exposed (centre weighted) for the sky and used LR5 grad filter feature to bring up the exposure below the bridge line in post edit. Adjustment brush used along the bridge span, struts and freeway - darkened. Radial filter used in the water reducing highlights. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Million Dollar View 2

A blended composite of 3 bracketed images to get the luminosity balanced out between the light extremes. Used a different technique from an image I posted where I only light metered for the sky and used a single frame instead of 3 like I did here. This image I think has come a long way from the one I posted almost 2 years ago, the pov slightly different but the view is quite spectacular from this vantage point. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Iconic Cousins

3 frame pano standing at the end of the Hyatt Hotel. If you look carefully you can see which portal in the railing from which to shoot the Opera House through. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Full Moon Rising

Super moon did not turn out as big as I had hoped for. 10s exposure with some light trails. Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Quay Grand

Constantly reviewing and critiquing my own work, here is another 3 exposure (2.0 EV brackets) blend using a different technique than my luminosity masks effort some images back. It's more of a brushing technique than one of filling in luminosity selections. Taken from the expressway next to the Quay Grand Hotel, it sits between the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and therefore has unique position and definitely 'grand' views of both of them. However it was considered an eye-sore when first built as it blocked out the view of Botanic Gardens from the quay. Still considered to be an eye-sore, it nevertheless is now part of the quay and attracts many tourists to its many shops and eateries. Anyhow this image has a different look and it's a bit more dynamic. Now I feel like bracketing everything I shoot! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Another 'ad'vantage point

I am a big fan of ND filters and an even bigger fan of relatively short ND exposures as in this shot. You still get the feeling of movement without freezing the scene and you are not waiting for long periods waiting for the image to fully develop on the sensor not to mention additional noise reduction processing. This morning I was out shooting thinking I had a 6 minute ND exposure in the bag only to find out when the time was up that the shutter button wasn't even released! Every, single, day, I learn... and another advantage point for short exposures, you've time to recover! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Iconic Cousins 2

2 shot pano, zoom blur courtesy of PS CC 2014 :) Portfolio | Sets | Google + | FB

Technicolor Sky

A quick excursion to Blues Point with Bipphy Kath on his last day in Sydney presented us with this fabulous sunrise. With the sun still below the horizon, it was touch and go as to whether we would get any colour at all as the sky started out cloudless and azure blue. But with Bipphy's magic presence, a wisp of cloud decided to grace us with its presence and turn on a technicolor show for us. Cannot wait to see what Bipphy delivers! Portfolio | Sets | FB

Vivid Panorama

D800 | 24mm | 8s | f/2.8 | ISO 50 Sydney Vivid Festival Panorama of 8x stitched tiles Portfolio | Sets | FB

Super Fisheye Panorama

D800 | 14mm | 30s | F/8.0 | ISO 50. A 4Gb TIFF file (compressed to 8Mb jpg) panorama stitched from 24 frames, 8 by 3 rows. It is fisheye because the panoramic head was rotated 180º. The curvature of the submerged foreground steps gives this away. Portfolio | Sets | FB

14mm Single Frame

14mm single frame (cropped slightly) shot at precisely the same position I composed the panorama of my previous image for comparison purposes. The distortion is still apparent at 14mm even when utilising lens correction for the 14-24mm lens in Lightroom. Portfolio | Sets | FB

An Undistorted View

D800 | 24mm | 30s | f/13 | ISO 200. A 800Mb TIFF file (2mb compressed for the web) panorama stitched from 9 panels (3 x 3 rows). I could have shot a single 24mm exposure but getting both bridge pylons in the frame would have been a challenge. Using the 14-24mm lens I could have shot this from 14mm and upwards that would definitely have included both pylons but distortion becomes a factor at lower focal lengths. Panoramic shooting affords you greater flexibility in terms of both horizontal and vertical fields of view and allows for good control of distortion dependent on focal length and degree of rotation. Portfolio | Sets | FB

House and Hanger

A very unique juxtaposition of two of Australia's most popular icons. Taken midway through blue hour there was still a strong golden hour element shining through up from the horizon. Portfolio | Sets | FB

Sydney Sunset

Taken just at sunset with the sun peeking through the trees. Portfolio | Sets | FB

V i v i d . 2 0 1 6

Shot with very good friends Roger and Viki Harrison Portfolio | Galleries | FB

B l e n d e d . S k y

A composite of 2 images taken some 10 mins apart last evening blended for the sky and then the Opera House after it had been lit up. The sky was exposed for 2 minutes with a neutral density filter and the Opera House 5 seconds. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

M a u v e . M o r n i n g

It's a long weekend here in Sydney and so a triple play landscape from me. Back to street tomorrow. Portfolio | Galleries | FB

L a s t . o f . V i v i d . 2 0 1 6

P e a c e f u l . M o r n i n g

Blue Hour Sydney Harbour

Sydney Vivid Festival 2016